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Why Jewellery Is The Best Investment

Jewel is derived from the Latin word "Jocale", meaning plaything. It was then popularised and mostly referred to by its French counterpart, "Jouel".  Gemstones and jewelry have been apart of mankind long before history was written.

Jewellery are tangible investments and are timeless pieces that can not only can be worn as fashion ensembles, but wearers are also able to enjoy the meaning they bring. It generates its value depending on its design, the type of gemstones and materials used to craft them, as well as astounding workmanship.

Properly made (Bespoke) jewellery, oftentimes jewellery made of high quality diamonds and precious metals, gain value over time. Some jewellery remain timeless throughout history, retaining its craftmanship for centuries.

Gold and diamonds have been in high demand for generations, regardless of economic factors. Jewellery are imbued with increasing emotional value, hence it is cherished forever.

 Jewellery can be passed down for generations, whilst also increasing in monetary value.

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